Sunday, March 1, 2009

Buttons : The PhatSheep Handmade Button Swap 2

Remember the button swap I participated in a few weeks ago ? This was the Handmade Button Swap organized by PhatSheep. We had to handmake a coherent set of 6 buttons. I am amazed about the variation ! Fabric, fimo, linen, velvet, crochet, painted, embroidered, ceramics, felted etc. Have a look at all the entries (even more pictures here):

1. Gemma Grace: starfish shell embroidered buttons
2. jennypepper: Nuno felt buttons
3. incywincystitches: embroidered fabric buttons
4. Phatsheep Textiles: Fimo buttons and fabric buttons
5. Jacqui: linen embroidered buttons and fimo buttons
6. tiptoptoppersbyruth: fimo buttons with seed beads pressed in
7. dhop76: embroidered leaf buttons
8. pyewacket42: linen buttons with silk french knots embroidery
9. namolio: Knitted poppies with velvet covered buttons as the centre
10. jennyflowerblue: Fimo pearl effect buttons
11. noisette handmade: linen painted buttons
12. P8 Accessories & Button Art: ceramic casted and painted buttons


Swiedebie said...

P8, buttons fetish for me!!! Wow! I love them all...!

Kreativlink said...

There are some gems in there! :)

ingermaaike said...

Most amazing variety and beauty!

ioulia said...

Oh wow, really lovely buttons! They make me want to start (well, learn first) sewing something - so that I could have use for new buttons! :)

fleurfatale said...

oooh, beautiful, works inspiring!!!!!

Jenny said...

Lovely mosaic of the buttons, such a variety.I really enjoyed this swap.