Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Challenge : Overview 2

The European street team of Etsy organizes weekly challenges in order to stimulate its members to create other things as usual.
I enjoy these challenges very much; so here an overview of my entries in the last 16 challenges:

The Other Mens Wallet Chain
Challenge by SwedishJewels: Think like a man

Scary Black Spider Brooch
Challenge by matchstickgirl: "things that go bump in the night" loosely translated as "what scares you the most...?"

Faded Glory Necklace
Challenge by MirthQuake: hometown

Mbote Mbote Necklace XLong
Challenge by creationsbyeve: Africa

Aqua Hat with Wrist Warmers
Challenge by AmandaYuDesign: Aqua

Erik the Discoverer Brooch
Challenge by VKnO: "Vikings with a hint of upcycling"

Warm and Cozy Hat
Challenge by chichiboulie: Warm and Cozy

Lizzy Wrist Warmers
Challenge by StudioBee: Your Favourite Book

Frida Kahlo Wrist Warmers
Challenge by staroftheeast: Frida Kahlo

Arsenic and Old Lace Bangle
Challenge by dindi: "Craft your favourite quote"

The Loving Sperm Brooch
Challenge by HeliS: The Unbearable Lightness of Being (Milan Kundera)

The Once Upon a Time Bag
Challenge by Stemellina: Once Upon a Time...

The Peacock Skirt Apron
Challenge by swiedebie: Art Nouveau

Sleeveless Daimyo Woman - epsilon
Challenge by MGMart: "Something with Japanese Design"

Bony Leather Bangle
Challenge by vadjutka: recycling, sustainable future

Peach Apricot Brooch
Challenge by nevousinstallezpas: "ton sur ton"


Star of the East said...

wonderful entries!

ArtMind said...

I love all of your entries! They are super unique and fun! :)

Jane_Bo said...

Cool entries! To be continued?)

LeelaBijou said...

You are so creative! Great work!

Sigmosaics said...

wow, congrats for so many entries into the challenges! well done :)
all so gorgeous and unique!

Chrisy said...

Oh my are sooo the faded glory necklace...