Sunday, March 1, 2009

Challenge : Combination of dissonant

Every week the European Street Team at Etsy organizes a challenge to make something with a special theme.
The theme this week is organized by Jane and was called "Combination of dissonant".

Plastic buttons versus feathers, artificial product versus nature: clear dissonants. But the result is not a dissonant at all; surprisingly these different elements fit together nicely into a smooth pattern of natural beauty.

Feathers: We find them alongside the tracks in the fields when walking the dog. We find them on the beach. We find them on the bottom of the parakeet cage at the vet's. Sometimes, we pluck them from the leftovers of an unfortunate bird that was caught by a hawk. Feathers are eery. Feathers are lofty. Feathers are magic, they consist mostly of air trapped in fairy-tale protein.
Plastic: We find it alongside the tracks in the fields, and so on -- but we don't like to see it there. It is a dissonant. But plastic can be turned into anything that the human mind can imagine, and then it becomes something constructive.
Dissonant: Plastic and Feathers -- Feathers and Plastic.


aysetugrul said...

wooowwww what a gorgeous necklace congrats my dear friend

LeelaBijou said...

I find it gorgeous!

ira said...

very interesting design Petronella and looks a lot of fun to wear it too!:)

Huismus said...

Stunning necklace P8! Fits the challenge perfectly..

fleurfatale said...

beautiful, Petronella, and a very original entry!

Jane_Bo said...

Great idea and necklace!