Friday, November 28, 2008

Challenges : Vikings

Every week the European Street Team at Etsy organizes a challenge to make something with a special theme.
The theme last week was organized by VknO and was called "Vikings".
She writes: "I was thinking of a challenge that has a connetion to my corner of the world. Ok, I'm from Norway where we have a lot of water, some snow and ice, semi-high mountains and a 'ugly' history. Water (Aqua) has been used, snow/ice is just too cold and mountains have to wait till next time.......... cause I have choosen a part of our 'ugly' history for this weeks challenge: the VIKINGS!
I would like to see items that are somehow related to Vikings or to the time when vikings raided and colonized parts of Europe.
In addition to a Viking-connection, there has to be some recycling or upcycling involved when creating the item. It's up to you to decide how much recycling/upcycling as long as it is involved somehow.

After scanning through my buttons, I found some old used bronze coloured ones which reminded me of shields. Then I remembered I had some pieces of leather laying around that once were a leather jacket. So the idea was born, it had to be a viking called Erik with his drakkar ship; the discoveror of America. Two brooches and they are for sale on Etsy !


ingermaaike said...

They are so cool!

Gunnels blog said...

Så fina vikingasmycken du har gjort !!!

Ravenhill said...

These are just amazing! You are one of the most creative people around! Well done. Happy weekend!

ChichiBoulie said...

It's wonderful how ideas come about. Great entries!

matchstickgirl said...


what's Erik discovering there ????

eeeeheeeee heeee

ahem sorry

uh ... very cool !!!

Gufobardo said...! incredible Etsy and incredible blog! ciao from Italy