Thursday, December 4, 2008

Buttons : Knitting Artist Amanda Sainsbury

Small Blue and Purple Knitted Buttons

This week I am featuring the most beautiful knitted button creations I have ever seen; they are made by knitted textile designer Amanda Sainsbury aka AmandaSainsbury on Etsy from Somerset in the UK.

She writes: "It's no secret that I love making buttons. I love mixing colours and textures and actively look for these qualities in everything I do."

Small Circle Buttons

I asked Amanda some quirky questions and here are her answers !

Why is it that you make what you make ?

I've always been brought up to be creative and what I'm doing now just seems to be a natural progression of that. I can't think of anything else that I would rather do.

Why is it that you do not make what others make ?

Having done a degree in knitted textiles, you're heavily encouraged to find your own path developing ideas. I see some wonderful items and often think, 'I wish I'd thought of that' but in the long term, you have to believe in what you do.

Do you mind placing items on Etsy that you like very much yourself but others do not seem to feel so ?

I always make what I like. If I don't like it then I can't expect anyone else to. If this, however doesn't make me any money then I'm clearly doing something wrong! At the end of day, I still have bills to pay.

Do you ever make items you do not like yourself but others do ?

Not as yet....
I get bored if I have to continuously make multiples of things, but I came up with the item in the first place so can't really complain!

Knitted Rose Buttons

Most people desire both beauty and functionality but those two functions are often incompatible. How do you deal with this ?

One of the few things I've remembered from college, was the phrase: 'Form Follows Function'. This phrase does run through my mind when I have an idea, but its easier said than done. I do frequently come up with something that would never work as a button so I keep it back for something special. Theres a few.

Why do you make buttons ? and, for example, not sweaters ?

I had made lots of knitted fabric which weren't selling so had to modify slightly. They came from a need to change and I now love doing them! Good things do come from mistakes, which is quite handy.

And why are you knitting ? and, for example, not weaving ?

I started on my university course. Firstly as a taster in the first year and then specialised in the last two years. I certainly had no idea it would be the basis for my career when I started the course, but I believe I made the right choice. Accountancy was never going to work;)

Could you satisfy your creational cravings another way ? for example through ballet, singing, photography or poetry ?

I've tried doing a few things over the years but always seem to come back to knitting. I would love to be able to draw people or indeed anything, but seem to find something else to do. It always looks very relaxing.

How do you choose your colours and shapes ?

I tend to start with one colour I like and then go from there, doesn't always work though! With shapes and patterns I often make it up as I go along. This tends to mean I have stacks of notes and doodles around the places if I come across something that I really like!

Crystal Knitted Buttons


ingermaaike said...

Wonderful interview and splendid buttons!

ana carina said...

I love Amanda's work, what a great feature!!


Amanda Sainsbury said...

thank you!
I feel so famoose:)

Star of the East said...

Lovely interview and gorgeous buttons!

Atelier Susan said...

Oh beautiful, beautiful buttons and interesting interview with Amanda :)

matchstickgirl said...

incredible ... i would never have thought of knitted buttons ... how amazing

ArtMind said...

What a wonderful artist! I love her work and it's a lovely interview too! :)

l'actrice said...

I love your way you ask the questions! Amanda makes very special buttons! That's really an art!


karuski said...

How sweet hand made buttons! And lovely pictures, too. I'm amazed:)


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