Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Buttons : Fibers & Fabrics

I made a selection of some of the most beautiful buttons made out of fibers and/or fabrics you can buy on Etsy. Among them wool, cotton, silk, linen, crochet, knitting, dying, lace, felt, embroidery etc. Have a look !

Made by
1. AmandaSainsbury
2. Buttonsandsuch
3. heatherknitz
4. mygoodness
5. LeahSutton
6. Alchemyfibrearts
7. SmallBlueThing
8. odkins
9. Loloandbebe
10. rootandleaf
11. bigbluebed
12. tiphzthreads
13. VintageThreads
14. jezze
15. butteredparsnips
16. Tennekka


ingermaaike said...

Super buttons every single one of them, I will have an extensive look around in these wonderful shops!

Sigmosaics said...

I don't think I could choose a single favourite, they are all wonderful!! I too will check them out, nice thought from you x

dindi said...

Beautiful selection of gorgeous buttons!

fleurfatale said...

Did you find those all on Etsy,
arghhhhh, need to have some sales to do supply shopping, I already found the ones with the lace, they are adorable!!!!
Thanks for sharing! (but very dangerous for my bank account!)

Star of the East said...

Awesome buttons!

Carol Dean said...

The last time you did one of these posts, I spent more money than I should have. Shame on you, Petronella!!! :p

Ravenhill said...

Oh, they are all marvelous! My button jars are nearly full! I don't know where I will put more!!!

Amanda Sainsbury said...

Ah yes, another button fan! Thank you for including mine:)

VKnO Design said...

Beautiful selection! I think I have to take a look at each and every one of these button-shops :)