Monday, June 22, 2009

Challenge : Traditional Costume

I won the challenge of the past week from the European Street Team on Etsy: Hurrah ! Thanks Amanda for hosting this "Pastel Color" challenge.

The coming week I am the challenge queen; and I choose for: "TRADITIONAL COSTUME". Let your entry be inspired by the traditional costumes of the country where you were born, or where you live, or of a country that you indentify with. It does not need to be the whole costume, a bit of ornamentation or jewelry will be fine as inspiration source too !

The challenge ends on Monday 29 of June around 22:00. Can't wait to see your entries !

The 1st entry is a doll wearing tsolias from
psarokokalo in Greece:

The 2nd entry is a Sliced Dirndl Journal from
Kreativlink in Austria:

The 3rd entry is a Traditional Turkmen Ambiance Necklace from
staroftheeast in Turkey:

The 4th entry is a summer scarflette from
ingermaaike based on the blouses of the bunads (i.e. traditional costumes) in Norway:

The 5th entry is a rustic bracelet from
alatvian based on the metal spiral bracelets from ancient Latvia:

The 6th entry is an abstract fabric & brass necklace from
vadjutka incorporating a Kalocsa rose embroidery from Hungary:

The 7th entry are traditional fallera earrings from
LeelaBijou inspired by the typical Valencian dress worn at "Las Fallas" Festival in Spain:

The 8th entry is a felted brooch from
StormsHandicrafts with a small pattern fragment from the national costume of Lithuania:

The 9th entry is a jade-green bodice from
kraplap based on the traditional bodice (i.e. kraplap in dutch) of Staphorst in The Netherlands:

The 10th entry are passion earrings from
bijouxdellostregatto based on the Venetian tradition of glass beads in Italy:

The 11th entry is a dutch brooch from
ballee made from fabrics used in many traditional customes in The Netherlands:

The 12th entry is a red & golden necklace from
ExoticFlavour based on the traditional wedding dress in China:

The 13th entry is a flower necklace from
fleurfatale made from flax, a typically cultivated material for traditional costumes in Belgium:

The 14th entry is a kawai Carnival brooch from
dinafragola based on the bell and bow the "Gilles" wear during Carnival in Belgium:

The 15th entry is a summer blouse from
zerva made from the traditional tulbent (thin headscarf) in Turkey:

The 16th and 17th entries are flower Hmong earrings from
fleurfatale inspired by the beautiful clothing style of the Flower Hmong in Hoa Bihn, Vietnam:

The 18th entry is a gothic Laura Lolita bonnet from
MissMinoes inspired by the Little House and made from traditional fabrics of The Netherlands:

The 19th entry is a batik bag from
iragrant made from traditional Javanese batik fabric of Indonesia:

The 20th entry is a denim apron dress from
KajaDesign inspired by traditional costumes of Sweden:


Kreativlink said...

Congrats!! :)
Clever new theme. Think I have to make a "Dirndl" journal then ... :)

Sigmosaics said...

wow .. this is the kind of theme to get everyone thinking!! congrats on winning and for providing a definate challenge :)

Amanda Yu said...

Many congratulations!

love this theme, I already have some idea hehe, just need to action .. tomorrow ^-^

kraplap said...

can't wait to see it Renate :))))

LeelaBijou said...

Super Congrats!! I love this theme, in my country we have some very nice traditional costumes :)

kraplap said...

I know Leela ! very curious what you will come up with.

RitaJC said...

Congratulations, Petronella!
What a theme!!! What a challenge!!!
Well done!
*off to start thinking about it*

I bijoux dello Stregatto said...

Congtats! Great theme! I have to work hard!!

ingermaaike said...

That is a very original and fun theme! Congrats on winning and thank you for hosting this week :-D

ayawedding said...

congrats dear:) incredible theme I should create something interesting:)

Greet said...

I like this one, I need to do some research, but love that!

vaisto said...

Oh I feel sooo inspired now...really bad this week we're preparing for the festival and so very busy I doubt we can do anything :[

Mitsy / ArtMind said...

Wow, that's a very difficult theme! Actually, it is a challenge! Congrats on winning & coming up with such a great theme! :)

X by Leina Neima said...

Congrats!! And what a original theme...

Michele said...

Beautiful one from Greece!

ira said...

I really can wait to see other participants! It should be very interesting!:)

Greet said...

wow, fantastic entries so far!!!!

IKABAGS said...

Congtats Petronella ! Great theme!

I am waiting also Renata :)

StaroftheEast said...

Great challenge and great entries so far!

Deep Indigo said...

Petronella, I'm having so much fun viewing these entries!!
Excelent theme!

Unknown said...


great entries too!

baahar said...

Great entries. Love the dirndl journal :)

I just learned about the challenge ... will see if I can come up with something real quick

Marion Pannekoek said...

What a wonderful entries! It will be difficult to choose a winner! Good Luck everybody...

Amanda Yu said...

Stunning, so happy to seeing many beautiful creations are inspired by their traditional costumes :)

Sabahnur said...

excelent entries. congrats ladies:)


Ama de Jong said...

It's great to see how many different interpretations there are for this theme. =^x^=

Carol Dean Sharpe said...

What an incredible selection of challenge entries, P8! Your theme was truly inspirational! congratulations to all who participated ;)

Myrte said...

How wonderful, those entries are just wonderful!

Marion Pannekoek said...

What a wonderful entries! It will be difficult to choose a winner! Good Luck everybody...(this is my second post, hope it works out this time)

janekiwi said...

came to your blog via jack russell dogs, then stayed for the buttons and then found a felting friend (Ingermaaike) here on your site, it really is a small world.