Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Flickr Favorites : Traditional Costume Limburg, The Netherlands

Today we move from the province of North Brabant to the south east to the neighboring province of Limburg. The famous "poffer" from North-Brabant is called "toer" in Limburg, and was worn in the north of that province. The other costume shown in the mosaic is from the south of the province, mostly around the city of Stein. This costume was more colorful and had a less elaborate headdress; a small white cotton bonnet, with a black crochet bonnet on top or a kerchief, the "kopplak". The shawl has a colored border and the apron came in various colors.

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1. Nationaal Tinnen Figuren Museum 2010, 2. World Folklore Festival Brunssum 2008, Netherlands, 62, 3. World Folklore Festival Brunssum 2008, Netherlands, 65, 4. limburg

And two picture postcards from my own collection.


Florcita said...

Eindelijk! :)
Mijn maan komt uit Stein en hij heeft meteen gezegd: " dat is Stein!". Wel wat simple in vergelijk met andere kleder dragt.
Dankje! nu weet ik wel! :)

Vilt à la Kim said...

leuk!! heb er nooit bij stilgestaan dat wij ook klederdracht hadden, hihihihi, is inderdaad veel simpelerdan alle andere :)

ArtMind said...

Haha, you're coming closer to where I live! So glad I don't have to wear traditional costume anymore. Just imagining I have to work in these...