Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Flickr Favorites : Traditional Costume Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands

Today we move from the province of Zeeland to the east to the neighboring province of Noord-Brabant. There existed a lot of different caps in Noord-Brabant, but the most famous and striking one is the "poffer", which is shown here. The poffer was worn in a large area around 's-Hertogenbosch. The poffer is a large white tulle bonnet finished off with lace; apart from that it exists of a black cap, a white undercap, a decorative strip often with tiny fake flowers, and ribbons. It was an expensive part of the costume, only worn by rich farmers' wives on Sundays and holidays and at special occasions. It developed from a much simpler form and had its hayday around 1870-1940; after that it gradually disappeared. The costume itself was an oldfashioned city dress.

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1. It's All In The Details, 2. Back in time, 3. 1932 - Kerkhof stoet Odafeesten (colorized) Sint Oedenrode, 4. mobilisatie 1916

And two picture postcards from my own collection.


OnePerfectDay said...

I love these posts!
Love those old pictures!

Fedulab said...

I like these traditional costumes.
;) Federica

Marion Pannekoek said...

Very strange and eccentric head cap.
Poffer... that's just the name for it!

Florcita said...

Love the poffer! complicated for daily use I guess :) but impressive!

ArtMind said...

The detail is amazing! Lvoe it!

MJ said...

thank you for the visit!
I love your mosaic, lovo to know a bit more about the traditional costumes from your country

Erika Price said...

Love these old photos!