Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Button Wednesday : Staphorst Button

It is Wednesday again, so it's BUTTON DAY on my blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Followers of my blog know that I am enthusiastic about traditional costumes, especially the Dutch ones because of my Dutch heritage. Staphorst is a small village in The Netherlands where traditional costumes are still alive. I blogged about it earlier and got some great inspiration from it to make my button kraplap. Some ladies from Staphorst are still making the Staphorst button, although less and less women are able to do so. It is a lovely old technique.

These blue buttons belong to the male costume of Staphorst. The lady below in her beautiful black and blue mourning costume is giving workshops where you can learn to make the Staphorst button. Next time when I travel to NL, I hope I can organize it in such a way that I can follow her workshop.

The colored ones can be made into lovely brooches too, like the orange one for Queen's Day.


And did you see the back ? Gorgeous ! 

They look also beautiful on a modern jacket !

(1st picture from Gemeente Staphorst; 5th picure from Antje uit Urk; all other pictures from Berthi's Weblog)

Have you seen a lovely, beautiful, stunning, crazy button or button-related thingy, or did you make something with a button / buttons, or did you even make buttons yourself, blog about it on your blog on Wednesday, and give the link here in the comments so that everybody can enjoy it !!


Gisela Suski said...

Amazing artistic talent, has great patience. I love these traditions.

Bigbluebed said...

I love those buttons - really beautiful. I really want to know how they are made.

PetitPlat Miniature Food - Stephanie Kilgast said...

Oooh way cool buttons!

Gina-B said...

These buttons are commonly known as 'Leek' buttons here in the UK, as they were made in the Leek area of Staffordshire (the height of the industry was during the 18th century). The same technique was also used in France. How wonderful to learn a name for them from another country - and that there are specifics as to colours for male dress. I am so glad I stumbled across this!