Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Mood Board : Weeds

I need help ! The weeds in my garden are growing faster than the plants :( Does anybody know of some lovely easy plants that do grow faster than the weeds? Or must I simply start to like weeds ? Therefore, some "lovely weeds" from four of our European Street Team members on Etsy to help me liking it....

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Monday Mood Board: Weeds
1. annarubyking
2. haubenmeise
3. Kreativlink
4. slinkymalinkicat


Marinatea said...

great inspiration!

AToM said...

Wow! I love that street installation! It looks so amazing! And the other "plants" are lovely too! Great moodboard!

FishesMakeWishes said...

oh that's so bad :-(
uprooting the weeds can be a lot of work, that's what we usually do.
a few plants that grow fast here are rosemary, lavender, gazanias and african daisies. the last two look like daisies but are very strong plants, they require very little maintenance.
you should check with a local plant nursery to see what they may suggest.
hope you find a solution :-)

Kreativlink said...

Oh dear, I have the same problem. Weeds everywhere in my garden. I'm starting to like it. As long as it's green ... :)

Katerina said...

Great moodboard. Wish you good luck with the weed problem :)

immerlight said...

Interesting finds!

Have a great week!)

Nauli said...

hmm... I guess everyone who has a garden knows what you're talking about...
Just don't let them take over everything!

Anonymous said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeerm, I´m afraid the weeds are always going to win. It is in their survival genes.

Happy gardening!

haubenmeise said...

I love the weeds and I love the flowers. A blooming meadow contains both weeds and flowers and you often can't make a difference :-)
Thank you so much for featuring my textile sculpture!