Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Mood Board : Veggies

It was so lovely weather today, warm and sunny, that I did not have time to make my mood board until now. I worked a bit in the garden (all very careful and slowly), prepared the vegetables beds and sowed already some radish, beans and black salzifies. Therefore, some veggies from four of our European Street Team members on Etsy.

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Monday Mood Board: Veggies
1. sabahnur
2. lesjouesgrises
3. oraber
4. jezek


sabahnur said...

so fresh and yummy thanks

jezek said...

so lovely indeed! thanks much :)

FishesMakeWishes said...

wonderful board!

biscuit said...

all those veggies are so cute! ;)

Nauli said...

Didnt't know that we have such healthy items in the Europeanstreetteam!

Sri Maryanto said...

so cool and cute.. thanks a lot!

jouesgrises said...

Hi and thank you very much for featuring my garlic print !
I love veggies too ! ^-^

DueAlberi said...

Love it! It so beautiful to garden!