Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Mood Board: Birdies

I am a hero :))) I just saved a beautiful small birdie who had flown to my window. I took her in my hands, because I wanted to keep her warm. Those tiny birds cool down so very fast. I stood there for some minutes, and then I felt she started to move again. I opened my hands, she looked a bit disturbed at me, hipped a bit around on my hands and then...... she flew away ! Therefore, some lovely birdies from four of our European Street Team sellers on Etsy.

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Monday Mood Board: Birdies
1. bialakura
2. felttess
3. BlueTerracotta
4. Mirthquake


Myrte said...

It must've been an unforgettable moment! I love it when something wild comes so close to us, even when it is small. Reminds me of this:

Thanks for posting my cedarwaxwings on your blog P8!

helena ribeiro said...

Great finds.
Have a colorful nice wee

Angel.Pearls said...

So nice -Wish you a great day

Hunszil said...

Great moodboard !

Erika Price said...

What lovely birds! I especially love those little ducks :)

DemyBlackDesign said...

Woow such nice finds!!!!!

FishesMakeWishes said...

wow that's so amazing! love birds and your moodboard is fantastic :-)
have a great week!

BHB Kidstyle said...

Those duckings are so sweet!

Have a great week!

peny said...

Your little story is so exhiting..
Both of you have a nice week!

Katerina said...

Oh, I thought what a sweet moodboard and then I read your story and it is just perfect. Must be so nice feeling.

tenderblue said...


Laura said...

what a wonderful story! it's a difficult season for little birdies, with such cold. and you've made a beautiful collection of birds, thank you for including my owl;)