Friday, August 5, 2011

Traditional Costumes : Postage Stamps Monaco

Last week I ended with some lovely postage stamps from Monaco with the "Santons" of the Provence. Therefore, this week more lovely stamps with the traditional costume of Monaco itself. The Monegasque costume is very similar to the French traditional costume from the Côte-d'Azur, like Menton and Nice: red and white striped skirts, flat straw hats and knee trousers. The stamp above and the four stamps below are from a series of 1973 commemorating 50 years of the National Committee for Monegasque Traditions. It shows the Maypole dance; Country picnic; "U Bradi" (local dance); St. Jean fire dance; Blessing the Christmas loaf.

This last stamp is from 1981 and part of the yearly Europa Stamp series, which was about "Folklore and Feasts" in 1981. The Monegasque stamp shows children in traditional costumes carrying palm crosses.

You can find Monaco on this map of France:

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I'm enjoying your trip around the stamp world :)