Friday, June 17, 2011

Traditional Costumes : Postage Stamps Holland

This Friday my last stamps with Dutch costumes :)) Some more exist, but they are not in my own collection yet .... We start with a tourist stamp sheet of 1978, commemorating 10 years National Office for Tourism in the Netherlands; it shows tulips (Keukenhof Lisse), cheese (Kaasmarkt Alkmaar), mills (Schermer) and traditional costumes (Volendam).

The next stamp is from a stamp sheet of 2007, called "summer beach fun". I do not have the whole sheet, but only the used stamp. On this stamp we see a woman from Walcheren in Zeeland paddling her feet in the North Sea wearing traditional costume. The funny thing is that I have a postcard with her in my own collection.

This third stamp is from 1993 and published by local post service 't Hogeland in the north of Groningen. It commemorates the 28th Op Roakeldais in Warffum (international folklore festival) with 10 stamps each showing folk dancers in costumes of different countries. Holland is represented by a couple in the traditional costume of Marken.


Erika Price said...

I love this series - I'm amazed at the variety of costumes on postage stamps! Erika Price Jewelry

esen said...

I liked your stamps.Im making traditional dolls too.They are Turkish Anatolian dolls but Im preparing dolls from different countries too.Your stamps are very usefull for me.With my best wishes from ─░stanbul.