Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Mood Board: Claying

Yesterday I decided to try a bit of claying; I had bought some air dry clay a while ago and yesterday it was "ripe". Found a lovely place in the garden, in the sun and out of the wind, put my table there and clayed. It is great fun, very relaxing and very tactile; love it. Therefore, I am still in a claying mood today and show you here some gorgeous clay creations from our European Street Team sellers on Etsy !

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1. PiaBarileJewelry
2. karoart
3. MaaPstudio
4. azulado

And a first glance of my own concoction:


Erik Kluit said...

Love claying, and love your moodboard:-)
Thank you so much!!!

dióhéj said...

nice selection :)

Sandra maria said...

Working with clay is great:)

I love it!

And your selection is wonderful!
Thank you for including my work.