Friday, April 1, 2011

Etsy : Earrings

This week's earrings are these "green drops" by my friend and EST member Vanessa Kirsch from Kirschbits on Etsy. I got them from Vanessa on the first time we met, at the craft fair in S├╝derschmedeby in northern Germany. We did not know each other and had no idea how the other one would look like. So, hubby phoned with his mobile to Vanessa's husband's mobile when we were on the fair. The funny thing was that he somehow had the feeling that he got an answer in stereo; it turned out that they were standing next to each other without knowing they did !

Vanessa is concentrating on bag making at the moment, but she is also very crafty with polymer clay as you can see from my earrings. I am giving here some pictures of the great bags she is making, but for more wonderful bag creations visit her shop to see all these beauties !


Van said...

Thanks P8!!!

hihi that meeting in S├╝derschmedeby was great!.. :D and yep I'd like to make more polymer clay and other things but I love making bags! I would need more than 24 hours a day.. hehe.. someday someday! :D

Thanks for the feature!! sharing it!! :D


Dina Fragola said...

Such pretty earrings!