Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Moodboard: Photo-drama

A few days ago I started to retake the photo's from my wood jewelry line for the Etsy kraplap shop. Some of my EST friends helped me to find my own style, and finally we had some sun, so it had to be done now. But despite my energy and good will (although I knew better), it was again a desaster :((( Most of the zillion pics I took were too light, too dark, or unsharp. I really start to loose all my hope that I ever will have great pics, sigh .... If you are also struggling with photos, you know what I am talking about. I wish I could take pics like these from some of our excellent European Street Team photographers on Etsy.

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zenzphotography said...

Lovely Mood.
Thanks P!!

Vibeke K. Olsen said...

thank you - you've just inspired me to make my own monday moodboard! :)

Anonymous said...

I too struggle with the photos! I wish I had a live-in photographer ;)

Bonne courage!

Helmitarha said...

What a beautiful collection!

Nella, I saw some of your new pictures on flickr and I really liked them! Please, don't give up! ;) Hope there are more of sunny days for you this week! ;)

Van said...

Beautiful picks P8! :)

Kaja said...

Oh! I totally need that photo from Icha!

Sofia-Sobeide said...

Gorgeous collection!

Sometimes the photographing part is SO difficult :(, I know the feeling.

Ayca Karaoglan said...

Thank you so much,P!
I wish I could next to you and help for taking photos!

Matthias said...

Oh Petronella, and I still owe you some lessons of photo-improvement. Hopefully we can do that soon, missing the nice Karschau already. Ah hate this business (the state of being busy, I mean ;-) ).
Thanks for adding my butterfly photo. Oh sweet summer memories!

Anne-Miek said...

Ik ken die strijd.
Mooie foto's maken is hard werken.
Soms kost het maken van een foto meer tijd dan het maken van het te fotograferen werkstuk. Dan baal ik, dan vind ik dat de verhouding zoek is. Ik heb even niet de moed, wel nieuw werk, maar nog geen foto's gemaakt, daarom dus!
Ik wacht tot ik weer comfortabel buiten kan fotograferen, zoveel relaxter dan binnen.

OnePerfectDay said...

Very nice!
Love the matchstick picture!!!