Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Moodboard: Grapes

This weekend I did a lot of work in the garden because the sun was shining. I cleaned, clipped and pruned. Except for the wine grapes, they are new in my garden and I have no idea how to prune them. Have to find that out ! So, being in a wine grape mood at the moment, have a look at these gorgeous grapes from some of our European Street Team sellers on Etsy.

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4. Elbenta

And this is how my wine grapes look at the moment :)))))


Nancy van den Boom said...

Promising moodboard, Petronella. Our grape looks quite the same as yours now ;-) But it will start budding soon! ;-)

Nauli said...

I love grapes! One reason is, that I'm not allergic to them... But no, I guess, I loved them my whole life! We have some in the garden just like you. But picking grapes always means summer is gonna be over soon... Which I don't really like.

Anonymous said...

Interesting interpretation of grapes!
Good luck with growing your vine, I hope it will bring you many many juicy sweet grapes this fall!

Star of the East said...

Here they never cut them, they are both used for shade and the grapes, very nice! Even the leaves are used for food!
Lovely selection, thanks so much for featuring our keychain!