Sunday, January 23, 2011

Etsy : Earrings

OK, we are back from Berlin; it was a succesful trip, but pretty cold and wet too. Our new passports are in the make and will be sent to us soon, and hubby's presentation about the genetics of pig skin colouring on the "Grüne Woche" (the "Green Week", a trade fair for agricultural products) went very well. Besides, we visited the Berlin Etsy office, which had a great atmosphere, and we visited the button shop of Paul Knopf (Knopf is the German word for Button), which was an immense treat ! So, I had Friday no opportunity to make my weekly Etsy earring post. This I will do now !

This week's earrings are from my EST friend Stéphanie from PetitPlat on Etsy. All Stéphanie's creations are delicious, and I am always tempted when I go to her shop, and I always want to eat something then :)) I bought some delicious salmon from her, which we also ate in Berlin; yummm !


Nancy van den Boom said...

That's fantastic, all you did in Berlin!
And the earrings, are just plain crazy, delicious!!!
Have a great Sunday dear Nella!

zsazsazsu said...

these are sooo real - be aware that your husband doesn't bite in your ear :-)

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

You have to be careful that someone doesn't bite your ear off, Petronella! Those earrings look delicious!

ingermaaike said...

Such fun you had in Berlin!
I love those earrings a lot (have em too)