Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Button Wednesday : Button Gifts

It is Wednesday again, so it's BUTTON DAY on my blog. It would be great if you could do the same; make your Wednesday a button day too. Have you seen a lovely, beautiful, stunning, crazy button or button-related thingy, or did you make something with a button / buttons, or did you even make buttons yourself, blog about it on your blog on Wednesday, and give the link here via Mister Linky at the end of this post.

Button Wednesday today is a thank you to two lovely people I met on the internet and who sent me lots of great buttons. The first one is Sandra from zsazsazsu1963 on Etsy, who told her 87 year old aunt about Button Wednesday and then got two immense Quality Street boxes filled with buttons from her, who had always sewn her own clothes. Sandra sent me some treasures out of these boxes because there were so many and because she is such s sweet girl of course ! Thanks again deer Sandra for this lovely Belgian gift; maybe you saw some of your buttons already appearing in my new natural jewelry line.

The second sweet lady is Lynn from Pennsylvania USA who I met on FaceBook. Lynn collected lots of buttons from her mother and grandmother because she liked them, but got the idea that she was not going to do anything with them. So, she decided to pack them up and send them to a button artist and she choose me as the lucky girl. All the ones from her grandmother are probably 90 years old and the ones from her mother are from 1940 - 1960. There are some real gems in this huge packet of buttons. I show you here some of her grandma's ones in detail. Thank you again dear Lynn; you are the sweetest ! Some of your buttons are already used in my new rings.

!!!!!!!!!! If you have something for The Button Wednesday, give Mister Linky your name and the link to your button post !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

wow so many and nice buttons !! wonderfull they come from all over the world:)

Loddelina said...

You lucky girl, these buttons are fantastic!
I'm not sure if I want to use them in my designs or eat them!

dawt said...

You are so lucky to be the recipient of such generosity! Thank you for sharing it with us.