Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tidbits: Weihnachtsmarkt and new Brooches

picture taken before the fair started

This week was dominated by the alternative Christmas fair (last night) in Flensburg on the Danish-German border. It was in the Norderstrasse, close to the medieval Nordertor gate. The market was on two opposite sides of the Norderstrasse, at one side it was in the Danish Library (that's where I was) and at the other side was in an Art Gallery and its inner court. Despite the cold there were many people and the whole atmosphere was very cozy; lots of Xmas snacks and Gl├╝hwein, and very alternative street decoration with bunting made of rope with old shoes and paper snowflakes. Hubby, Peggy and I had a great evening, despite the fact I did not sell as much as I hoped I would :)

Das Nordertor, Flensburgs Wahrzeichen

It's a beautiful old street with a lot of athmosphere; I could not take pics of the Nordertor because it was too dark, but I found some great pics on the net. Next to the market was a lovely coffee, cocoa and tea house with great cakes, so everybody went there to warm up and have some drink and cake. The interior was so beautiful, it was like an exhibition of a tea and coffee can collector !

And I made a new collection of brooches this week. Obsessed with buttons, I finally decided to make my own ones. Gathered some lovely wood branches in my garden (something I have to do each year anyway for my wood stove) and let them dry for a couple of months. Sawed them into thin slices, and let them dry again for some months. And then the thrill of making the holes ! Not 2 or 4 holes, as ordinary buttons usually have, but much more holes I drilled into those slices. Then sanded and oiled (with organic corn oil), and there they were; the real special P8 buttons. So, what now to do with them ? Took them many times in my hands, they feel so yummy.... Why not combine them with some embroidery, which I so love to do ? And some of my special vintage buttons ? So far so good, and the new line of double buttoned embroidered P8 brooches was born. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them. Here some pics of the new brooches:

They are for sale in my Etsy P8 Button Art shop, and there are more to come in the coming days !


baahar said...

Glad to hear that you liked it at the fair. More sales would be nice of course, but to enjoy the atmosphere is also important :)

Love your new brooches by the way :)

gr8jewellery said...

What a wonderful historic place for a market, and you're right about the tea house ... so welcoming and beautifully decorated! Love your new brooches P8, the wood preparation is a very lengthy process!

Marion Pannekoek said...

Too bad you did not sell much... must have been the cold... Your new brooches are great! On Facebook I saw how much snow you have overthere, amzing since we still don't have that much. I it freezing cold here now though!

Van said...

Lovely!! love your new Brooches!! they are gorgeous!! and love totally love self made wooden buttons.. :D

The Cafe where you were is excellent!! We were there once last year during Christmas as well and was a pleasant surprise.. delicious delicious delicious cake (monster cake I should say). The place indeed is magical with that big collection of antique Tea Cans everywhere.. beautiful! :)

I'm glad you had a great time! We wanted to go, but in the end we didn't go out of home.. we had a scary moment coming back from Kiel and decided not to risk on the icy roads around Schleswig.. We're happy you came back home safely!!!