Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Moodboard: Owls

Last night the owls were screaming in the trees around us; it took me some time to realize what the noise was... Therefore today great, but silent, owls from some of our European Street Team members on Etsy.

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1. pashiko
2. lePetitFoyer
3. gufobardo
4. BlueTerracotta


Stefania Morgante said...

ohhh thanks! do you know in italian 'gufo' is owl? so the name of my shop is perfect for you! thank you so much!!!!

alteaperle said...

Owls are so cute! Lovely mosaic - Have a nice week!

stephania d. said...

Such a lovely set! It seems that my owl found a great company here :) Thank you so much!!

BlueTerracotta said...

What a wonderful moodboard, and perfect for the owls you heard! Thank you for adding mine! They are all so cute ;)

zsazsazsu said...

what a luxury to be so close to nature so you can hear the owls !
have a great week

Miss Val's Creations said...

So fun! I love the fabric brooch.

Lucie Tales said...

Beautiful owls! Have a great week!

Shebbodesign said...

Super lovely set! My little owl is very happy to be a part of your Monday mood board :)
thank you so much!
have a great week!!!
Sebnem aka "pashiko" and "shebbodesign" :))