Monday, October 18, 2010

Tidbits : Monday Moodboard

Don't know why, but today I am in a pink and green mood.....; great finds from some of our European Street Team members on Etsy.

For more monday moodboards see fleurfatale's blog.

1. gilbea
2. WigArcher
3. fabiusmaximus
4. PrettyThingsFromWing


Loddelina said...

Great mood - better green and pink than black and blue... (I mean your gardening pains...)

Star of the East said...

Sweet moodboard!

LeelaBijou said...

Very, very pretty moodboard!

Lucie said...

Lovely selection! Have a great week :)

Nauli said...

Wonderful colorcombo!
A great week for you!

Naomi said...

Delicious P8! :-) Wonderful colours here. Have a lovely week! xx