Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Button Wednesday : Coins

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This Button Wednesday is about coin buttons. There are real coin buttons and fake coin buttons.
Many coins were made into buttons. If the dates of the real button coins are a criterion (some dates go back to the 17th century), this is already a very old habit. The face side of the coins is the front of the buttons, and a shank was soldered onto the reverse side. This can still be seen in the traditional men's costume from Zeeland in The Netherlands; the men wear trousers with a flap in the front, and the flap is closed by large silver coin buttons; often 18th century old silver guilders or English coins. See this lovely old postcard from my own collection:

Later in the 19th century, small silver USA coins were made into buttons for use on men's vests and given to young men reaching their 21st birthday, the so-called "Freedom Buttons". The earliest silver buttons made by Native Americans in the American Southwest were made from silver coins and they were often used as currency too.

Metal buttons made to resemble coins were made in the 20th century; they are often Austrian in origin, and they are very popular in Bavarian and Tyrolean traditional costumes. These buttons have blank backs (see the picture below). Some coins even depict antique Roman and Greek coins. I only have some fake coin buttons in my collection, but I must say that some are really pretty.

And here two lovely DIY's for coin buttons:
Craftzine: Coin Button
curbly: DIY Coin Buttons

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zsazsazsu said...

They remind me in one way or another to my childhood in Switzerland ...
I had a wintercoat with such buttons when I was little !

L'Ind├ęcise said...

:) Nice !
As Zsasza said, there are some Swiss German costumes with these kind of buttons, but not sure if they're coins...hmmm...I got to review Swiss history :p

gr8jewellery said...

What an interesting post P8! Thanks for the history!! :)