Friday, July 9, 2010

Tidbits : Garden and Brooding 2

A short update about the garden and the broody birds in it.
The swallow babies are starting to fly out, and they survived all four up till now (had a good talk with Peggy....).

The black bird babies have opened their eyes and start to get feathers. Mum and dad are still going strong with the feeding.

The climbing rose is now at his top, and I assume there is a nest of song-thrushes in it because they fly and go in it.


Star of the East said...

Your bird pics are amazing, great to see life growing!

donauluft said...

wonderful photos! I hope it helped to talk with peggy, we kept our cat one day in the house when we had this situation!... but cats are more dangerous for birds, I guess.

Erika Price said...

Aw, I just love those little birds!

Vilt à la Kim said...

always great to watch nature so close at home!! I think I have the same rose in my garden, I really love them, too bad they are already out of bloom as of the hot and dry weather:(

Mami Made It said...

Your roses are amazing!