Friday, May 28, 2010

Tidbits : Peggy at the Craft Market

Last sunday it was beautiful weather and we decided to attand the largest craft market in northern Germany. The market was in the village of Süderschmedeby and there were 150 participants from the whole of Germany and Denmark. It was really huge ! We (Pieter and I, at the left in the picture above) met there with Vanessa (you can see here at the extreme right in the picture above) and Matthias (with his parents, behind Vanessa in the picture)) from the European Street Team on Etsy, and that was so nice ! I always like to see the faces behind our team members. I got some lovely green earrings from Vanessa, and Matthias made some beautiful pictures of Peggy.

We decided that it would be great if we all could attend this market next year with a big Etsy group. You can see lots of gorgeous pictures Matthias made on the market on his photo blog.


Rita alias alatvian said...

Happy to hear it was a nice day for you!
Peggy is sooooo cuuuute!

Star of the East said...

Peggy looks very happy and extremly cute :)
I really enjoyed the pictures of the other blog!

ingermaaike said...

OOoooh that is not too far away...should be do-able :D

I love the shiny wetness of Peggie's nose and the tuft of hair :D

Nauli said...

So great that you guys could meet there! We'll see, what next year brings to the Germanystreetteam... :)

L'Indécise said...

Ooooh coucou Peggy :)