Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Button Wednesday : Artist Lisa Kokin

It is Wednesday again, so it's BUTTON DAY again on my blog. It would be great if you could do the same; make a your Wednesday a button day too. Have you seen a lovely, beautiful, stunning, crazy button or button-related thingy, or did you make something with a button / buttons, or did you even make buttons yourself, blog about it on your blog on Wednesday, and give the link here via Mister Linky at the end of this post.

Buttons and mixed media, imitation sinew, waxed linen, chicken wire; 41 X 29-1/2, 2004.

This Wednesday Button Day is dedicated to the button art from artist Lisa Konin. Her parents were upholsterers and her earliest memories are of playing in their shop with piles of vinyl and foam rubber. She has sewn since she was a child and the stitch plays a major role in her work, so it was natural to join the buttons together to form a reconstructed family portrait. What began as a memorial to her father soon expanded to lots of family portraits, past and present, humans and animals.
Buttons, imitation sinew, chicken wire, 15-1/2 x 9-1/2 x 9, 2004

She says: "My work has always had an obsessive quality and this body of work is no exception. Every button is stitched to its neighbor to form a low-tech pixilated composition. Up close each piece is an abstract melange of colors and shapes; the further back one stands the more decipherable the image becomes. This interplay between abstraction and representation intrigues me. It is as though I am painting with buttons, building my palette as I go along, adding and subtracting until the interplay of colors and forms coalesces into a coherent image."
Most Likely to Recede
Buttons and mixed media, imitation sinew, 31 x 31, 2004

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donauluft said...

WOW! This is a special gift for button addicts .
Awesome artist, thanks for sharing!

Vanessa - Kirschbits said...

waaaahh!!! that it is indeed totally impressive !! P8 thanks for sharing...

Miss Val's Creations said...

Lisa has a fantastic imagination. I love her work!

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