Friday, April 9, 2010

Buttons : Button Necklace Tutorial

A few weeks ago I placed a nice old card with Estonian costumes on Etsy, but had no idea from which areas the costumes were. Traditional costumes being my hobby, I searched the internet and tried to find information about it, but found nothing useful. So, I decided to ask my Estonian EST friends. I got lots of lovely reactions and one of them, Leina from XbyLeinaNeima, offered to buy me a book at the National Museum about traditional Estonian costumes in exchange for a tutorial from one of my button creations. I could not say no !!

The tutorial is part of an Estonian project by Leina and Marianne (from byMarianneS) about crafting with a recycling / upcycling character. It was my first ever tutorial and I loved doing it. Since today it's up on the Estonian Craft Blog; the text is in Estonian (such a beautiful language with all those vowels), but the pictures are clear and can be followed without the text. This weekend, Leina will also add an English version of the tutorial.