Monday, October 26, 2009

Challenge : Overview 5

The European street team of Etsy organizes weekly challenges in order to stimulate its members to create other things as usual.
I enjoy these challenges very much; so here again an overview of my entries in the last 11 challenges (I only missed one week because of the hospital stay):

Burst of Colour Messenger Bag
Challenge by JaneBoFelt: Burst of Colour

One Hour Post Dracula
Challenge by toosis: Tim Burton Style Gothic Fantasy

Peppermint Molecule
Challenge by dinafragola: Food

Autumn Leaves on a Hat
Challenge by Sumikoshop: Fall is coming

Enchanted Palm Frond Pouch
Challenge by BlueTerracotta: The Enchanted Forest

Old School Hat
Challenge by alatvian: Old School

Life on Mars Neck Warmer
Challenge by Serpentaires: Life on Mars

Blue Bow Fragola Hat (for dinafragola)
Challenge by LeelaBijou: This one is for you

White Xmas Hat
Challenge by swiedebie: All I Want for Christmas

Back to Nature Necklace
Challenge by Ravenhill: Back to Nature

Purple Gnome Hat
Challenge by Jealousydesign: Gnomes and Trolls


ingermaaike said...

You have made an outstanding collection!

fleurfatale said...

Col to see all your entries!
and so fun, the eyewink in the last pic :-)

baahar said...

My fav is the Gnome hat :)

baahar said...
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