Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Buttons : Polymer Clay 2

Here the 2nd part of the fantastic polymer clay button creations that I found on Etsy:

1. TinyArk
2. Artpassions
3. klotho
4. MakeMesses
5. NewForestBeading
6. pagepottery
7. ArtmakersWorlds
8. ArzuMusa
9. beckysuecreations
10. besedina
11. bestlmtinga
12. buttonzone
13. byallisonb
14. ByJane
15. Coloraudia
16. craftsbycag


ingermaaike said...

Once more a fantastic collection, amazing what one can do with clay!

l'actrice said...

You always have the best finds on buttons!

Star of the East said...

Gorgeous finds!

Kreativlink said...

Wow! I want nr. 10!

X by Leina Neima said...

wowowow! I want to make some, NOW!!!

Malene said...

Oh, those buttons are lovely!

Arzu Musa said...

Thank you so much... I have just founded from the google search.

Lisa Astrup said...

wonderful buttons, I make them too - lots of fun :)