Monday, October 27, 2008

Buttons : Zeeuwse Knoop or Button from Zeeland

(from detuin and from Juwelier Minderhoud)

This fascinating form of button was developed in the Netherlands, where 18th century male residents of Zeeland wore it as part of their traditional regional costume. The "Zeeuwse knopen" are convex cannetille filigree buttons made using coiled and twisted gold and silver wires. The golden ones were worn at the neck to close the shirt at the top. The bigger silver ones were trouser buttons to close the long flap trousers of black velvet or wool on the front. Those who could affort wore "gold under the throat and silver on the belly". Boys and poor men wore trouser buttons made of coins.

(from my own postcard collection)

Today there are almost no people left who wear this traditonal dress. While young people do not wear it anymore, there are only a few older people who wear it occasionally. However, there are still quite some families who own (parts of) this traditional costume and you see them wearing it at summer festivals, feasts and other cultural festivities. Lots of these traditional buttons have been saved and transformed into necklaces, broches, earrings etc., to begin a second worthy life.

(Pieter Verhage from Heemkundige Kring Walcheren)

(from Ebay: Zeeuwse broche)

For some young Dutch Jewellers it's a new source of inspiration; see the stunning work of Willemijn de Greef (go to "Zeeuwse knopen" at the bottom).

(from Zeeuwse knopen, study, 2005)

There's even a plant that 's named after this "Zeeuwse Knoop" (Astrantia).

(from "Astrantia" of Petal Wijnen and "het zeeuws knopje" of Jan Vermeij)


ChichiBoulie said...

what a wonderful post. I love learning new things and this is so fun and interesting. We're planning a trip to Zeeland soon so I'll look out for the buttons! :D

Kreativlink said...

Wow! What amazing buttons! Love the photos!

vadjutka said...

wow, how beatuful buttons!
when i was in amsterdam i have found an amazing button shop, with beautiful vontage buttons!
here it is:

vadjutka said...

sorry for the typos!

ana carina said...

These are so beautiful..!!!! I never knew about them, thank you for sharing them with us!

ingermaaike said...

I grew up in zeeland and remember very well the old people still wearing that costume as a daily outfit, it's a pity the tradition is dying out..

MirthQuake said...

I love these!!!! My grandmother had rings of these pretty thingies!
My last name happens to be De Zeeuw!

fleurfatale said...

What an interesting story, thanks to share with us,
Buttons are real interesting goodies to gather!!!

jealousydesign said...

great story and beautiful buttons

ArtMind said...

Wow, you know so much about buttons - bet you live in a small button museum! :)

Corine said...

Gut ik zie nu pas je post op mijn tuinblog, bij de Zeeuwse knoop! Wat geestig. En wat een interessant blog heb je.


Anonymous said...

Thank You for posting this information. I have a set of this jewelry earrings braclet 3 button pin and a straight pin that came with my grandmother from holland when she was just a child.